FP283A-7865 - Fisher Pierce Olc - Outdoor Lighting Control

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Fisher Pierce Outdoor Lighting Control FP283A Series Streetlight Power Tap Adapter works with any luminaire that utilizes a photocontrol and locking type receptacle. It installs between the photocontrol or shorting cap and the receptacle to provide constant 120 VAC power to attached radio equipment.

Key Features:

  • provides constant 120 VAC power to outdoor radio equipment
  • Eliminates special wiring
  • Simple twist-lock installation
  • Not not interfere with normal photocontrol operation
  • Also available without connector (bare wire to radio equipment power interface) and with different cable lengths (contact us to learn more)

Typical Application:

FP283A on Streetlight


Technical Specifications

Voltage 105-480 Volts (AC)
Curent 10 A (AC)
Cable 16 AWG, 2 SOOW Conductor, 12 ft
Housing Gray UV stabilized impact resistant polypropylene
Blades Solid brass, three prong, locking type
Gasket Cross linked polyethylene


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