About Us

Rfwel Engineering LLC, is a wireless engineering solutions provider (licensed in Arizona), low voltage communications contractor (licensed in Arizona), and wireless infrastructure equipment manufacturer serving commercial clients in various vertical industries. Rfwel was founded in 2004 with a commitment to deliver total end-to-end wireless solutions, including assisting clients in various industries design, procure, install, configure, and maintain wireless communication and control systems, and solve complex signal capacity and coverage challenges.

Rfwel is experienced in designing custom wireless links for data backhaul, and for control or monitoring of remote devices. As part of our total solution approach, we custom-manufacture several key wireless infrastructure components, and assist our clients in procuring other equipment needed for their project saving them time, project budget, and headaches. For more information, visit www.rfwel.com/us

Media Contact
Bill Kimutai, Rfwel
+1 410.877.6887