Venstar T1119RF Add-A-Wireless Thermostat for T1800 and T1900 Thermostats

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If you are using a Venstar 7-Day Programmable Digital Thermostat or 7-Day Dual-Fuel Programmable Digital Thermostat, the Venstar Add-A-Wireless Thermostat Kit will let you have remote control of that thermostat by using a Venstar Extra Wireless RF module and a Venstar T1100RF Wireless Thermostat, both are included. The RF module simply snaps into the RJ-11 phone jack on your existing thermostat and acts as a transmitter and a receiver. The T1100RF thermostat can then control the existing thermostat from up to 500 feet away. The T1100RF thermostat is battery powered so it can be used just like a remote control anywhere in your home. The thermostats can be linked in a matter of minutes. Managing the amount of time your HVAC system is running is a great way to conserve energy, and this kit gives you the ability to remotely turn it off any time from anywhere in your home. The T1100RF runs on 2 AA lithium batteries (included).
Main Features:
  • Includes a thermostat and a RF module for remote communication with compatible Venstar thermostats
  • RF module plugs in to a compatible Venstar thermostat RJ-11 phone port in seconds
  • T1100RF thermostat transmits to RF module/existing thermostat up to 500 feet, through walls and floors

Package Contents:

  • Venstar T1100RF Wireless Thermostat
  • Venstar Extra Wireless RF Thermostat Control Module
  • 2 AA lithium batteries
  • Mounting hardware


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