Totaline Wireless Thermostat

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Manufacturer Part Number: P474-1100RF

Expand your Totaline Wireless Thermostat System with up to 3 additional thermostats. This thermostat expands your existing Totaline system to allow control of temperatures from multiple locations. This is a wireless unit that can be placed in any location in your home and will transmit signals up to 500 feet. If more than one transmitter is used with a single receiver, the transmitters must be given different Unit ID Numbers. Only the transmitter with Unit ID Number 1 may have a programmed schedule or be configured. All configuration parameters are taken from the transmitter with Unit ID Number 1. Transmitters with Unit ID Numbers 2, 3, and 4 cannot be programmed or configured (except for set points). When more than one transmitter is used, the receiver will only accept commands from the transmitter that was last used (button pressed).

Key Features

  • 7 Day Programmable with 4 time periods per day and holiday mode
  • Thermostat is completely wireless, receiver can be mounted at unit or at old thermostat's location
  • Auto Changeover, 2-Stage Heat & 2-Stage Cool for use with gas / electric or heat pump systems.
  • Up to 4 thermostats can be used with one receiver
  • Backlit display shows large numbers as well as the heating/cooling set point, and room temperature

Requires P474-1100REC (MPN: P474-1100REC) (Totaline Wireless Thermostat System Expansion Receiver) sold separately.

Key Wireless Thermostat Specifications
Color White
Residential/ Commercial Residential/Commercial
Wireless Type Wireless Built in
Wireless Protocols Proprietary
Phone App No
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