Mitsubishi MRCH1 Replacement Wireless Remote Controller

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Manufacturer Part Number: MRCH1

The Mitsubishi MRCH1 Remote Control allows the user to change the setting such as temperature or function, heat and cool on the indoor unit. The MRCH1 Monitors and Controls: On/Off, Operation modes cool, heat, drying and fan, Set temperature (separate dual set points for heat and cool), Fan speed setting, and Airflow direction. Robust programmability, learning capabilities, and internet connectivity through a RedLINK gateway round out this advanced mini split control kit. Wiring: Connects using a five-conductor cable from MIFH1 Wireless Receiver (cable included) to an indoor unit; wireless RF from the MIFH1 Wireless Receiver to the MRCH1 Remote Controller

Key Features

  • Enabled with RedLINK reliability
  • Dual setpoint control with system changeover, with daily, weekly, and auto-off timer
  • Allows you to set temperature range limits (dependent on the system connected)
  • Backlit & Wall mounted central control, with an easy-to-read display
  • Auto lock display

Requires MIFH1 (MPN: MIFH1) (Redlink MIFH1 Wireless Receiver and Equipment Interface Cable) sold separately.

Key Wireless Thermostat Specifications
Residential/ Commercial Residential/Commercial
Wireless Type Wireless Built in
Wireless Protocols Wi-Fi
Sensors Temperature
7 Day Programmable Yes
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Wireless Built in
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