MDS NETio Remote

  • MDS NETio Remote
  • MDS NETio Remote


MDS NETio Flexible I/O Signal Communications has three primary usages and transmits data in all three modes at the same time: Protocol Addressability, I/O Extension & IP/Ethernet and Serial Communications.

Protocol Addressability

NETio interfaces I/O from sensors and devices using multiple industrial protocols including Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, and DNP3.

I/O Extension
NETio regenerates analog and digital signals between multiple field devices and controllers resulting in significant savings on wiring and termination costs.

IP/Ethernet and Serial Communications
NETio also supports IP/Ethernet and serial communication over long distances between SCADA systems and RTUs or PLCs.


The MDS NETio is an integrated, scalable family of wireless solutions that provide long distance, license-free communications, allowing users to interface both analog and digital I/O including sensors for pressure and flow as well as controls for pumps or alarms. NETio can wirelessly regenerate the I/O signals or use standard serial and IP/Ethernet protocols to communicate with controllers such as PLCs, RTUs and SCADA systems. 

Key Benefits

  • Direct connectivity to analog and digital devices without the need for a controller
  • License-free, long range communication of serial or IP/Ethernet data
  • Supports multiple industry-standard protocols including Modbus and DNP3
  • Reduces the high cost of wiring and termination fees
  • Reduces integration, configuration, and support costs found with multi-box solutions
  • Seamless connectivity to network access points


NETio Remote

  • 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz operation in license-free ISM bands
  • Serial and/or IP/Ethernet connectivity
  • Transmit and regenerate I/O signals between devices
  • Directly address I/O using protocols including Modbus-RTU, Modbu-TCP, and DNP3 from a growing protocol library
  • Concurrent IP/Ethernet or transparent serial payload communication for a seperate RT, PLC, or other peripheral device
  • Optional short range wireless communication to distributed NETio Expansion modules via 802.15.4

NETio Expansion Module

  • Used to increase I/O capacity of the Base module 
  • Can connect directly to the Base module or wirelessly via 802.15.4
  • Can be wirelessly distributedup to 3,000 ft from the Base module

NETio Access Point

  • 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz operation in license-free ISM band
  • Serial and IP/Ethernet connectivity to SCADA networks and other applications
  • Allows mixed modes and multiple protocols in the same network

Key Specifications



  •  7-30 vDC power
  • <450 mA current draw while transmitting
  • -40 C to +70 C operating temperature
  • High-impact plastic packaging on NETio Remote and Expansion Module for DIN rail mounting
  • Die-cast aluminum packaging on NETio Access Point for flat panel or DIN rail mounting


  • 902-928 MHz or 2.4016-2.4778 GHz in ISM license-free bands
  • Optional short range WeXP Networking in 2.4-2.4835 GHz band

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