Honeywell WSK-24 Wireless Occupancy Sensor Kit

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Manufacturer Part Number: WSK-24

Honeywell WSK-24 Wireless Occupancy Sensor Kit automatically controls HVAC equipment by determining when a room is occupied. It uses the combination of an occupancy sensor and a door switch to provide optimal control. The receiver can be wired into any thermostat or controller that supports the connection of a remote setback device.

Key Features

  • Pre-configured door sensor and occupancy sensor
  • Optional sliding door/window sensor can be easily added
  • Compatible with TB8575 fan coil thermostats
  • Wireless system which provides quick and easy installation
  • Long battery life with low battery indication

Package Contents

  1. 1 24V dry contact receiver
  2. 1 wireless PIR (passive infrared receiver)
  3. 1 wiring harness
  4. 1 wireless door sensor with mounting kit


Key Specifications
Type of Sensor Building Sensor, Door/Window Sensor
Compatible Equipment/ Systems Honeywell
Please contact an RFWEL Wireless HVAC Control Tech if you cannot find what you need for your project.


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Building Sensor
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Door/Window Sensor
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