Veracity VQ-24V-US CAMSWITCH Quad Power Supply 24VDC

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Manufacturer Part Number: VQ-24V-US

Key Features

  • CAMSWITCH QUAD detects the IEEE Power Class of all four cameras before safely enabling power to them
  • Most POE-compatible IP cameras are IEEE Power Class 2, drawing upto 6.5 Watts.
  • CAMSWITCH QUAD can support any combination of POE devices as long as its within its power budget
CAMSWITCH QUAD delivers POE power to two maximum-P ower Class devices. The remaining two ports can still be used for Ethernet, but POE power will be refused as it cannot be delivered safely and reliably. Power for all devices is supplied via CAMSWITCH QUAD's versatile power input, which is designed to be compatible with existing 12V DC or 24V AC supplies, and accepts DC power in either polarity to safeguard against wiring errors 

Five-port unmanaged 10/100 switch and Power Over Ethernet (POE) supplied to cameras on four ports

Unique 12V DC / 24V AC power connection via screw terminals
Unique 12V DC / 24V AC power connection via screw terminals
Compact, rugged enclosure and Wall- mountable



Key Specifications
Mechanical Specification
Weight 0.7 lb
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