Tycon Power Systems RPST2424-50-160 RemotePro 35W Continous Power 24V PoE Output

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Manufacturer Part Number: RPST2424-50-160

This is an 24V, 18Ah, 30W rated remote solar system giving out 48V POE with a continous power rating of 8W from 6 hours peak sun. The enclosure is made from polycarbonate which is sealed and weatherproof with a removable equipment mounting plate.

The solar panel array can either be mounted on the enclosure or on a pole using the available mounting brackets.Application areas: Wireless Base Stations and Clients Surveillance Cameras Wireless Bridge and Repeaters Remote Sensors Remote Lighting Backup Power System

Key Features

  • Advanced battery charge controller to protect against over-charge/ discharge of batteries
  • Multiple ports for CAT5 cable, antenna cables/connectors within the enclosure
  • Vented enclosures to prevent residual buildup of hydrogen gas
  • Advanced Glass Matt (AGM) type with good all temperature performance
  • 25 year power output guarantee on solar panels

Key Specifications
Device Type Solar System
Electrical Specification
System Output Voltage (Volts) 24
System Power Output 35 Watts
Panel Output Power 160 Watts
Battery Type Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)
Battery String Voltage 24 V
Battery Capacity 50 Ah
Mechanical Specification
Enclosure Mounting Pole Mount, Wall Mount
Enclosure Internal Mounts DIN Rail Mount
Enclosure Dimensions (Inches) 24 x 15 x 14 (Note that this is the dimension of the enclosure. See equipment dimension for space available to mount additional equipment.)
Equipment Space Height (Inches) 12 (Approximate space available to mount customer equipment)
Equipment Space Width (Inches) 12 (Approximate space available to mount customer equipment)
Equipment Space Depth (Inches) 12 (Approximate space available to mount customer equipment)
Please contact an RFWEL Remote Power Solutions Specialist if you cannot find what you need for your project.


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Additional Information

Device Type:
Solar System
Output Voltage:
Power Output (W):
Panel Output (W):
Battery Type:
Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)
Battery String Voltage (V):
Battery Capacity (Ah):
Pole Mount
Wall Mount
Internal Mounts:
DIN Rail Mount
Dimensions (Inches):
24 x 15 x 14
Equipment Space Height (Inches):
Equipment Space Width (Inches):
Equipment Space Depth (Inches):
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