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Web Power Switch 7 By DLI - 10 outlets, 8 Switched 2 Unswitched

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This item is DISCONTINUED/ END-OF-LIFE (EOL). It has been replaced with LPC9 (please contact us if this recommended replacement is not quite what you need).

Manufacturer Part Number: LPC7

Instantly reboot, start or stop equipment in remote locations. Reboot servers or routers securely from your web browser. Save power. Simplify wiring. Automate your home or business. Control power over the web from anywhere. Securely access one or hundreds of Web Power Switches from a seamless interface. Create user accounts for mobile devices. Control user access to selected circuits. Eight simultaneous users are supported.

Eliminate overloads, brown-outs, blown breakers and other power problems before they occur. Start devices in sequence automatically to avoid inrush current problems. Use the internal clock to schedule events and minimize power consumption. Command your switch through a friendly web interface, via a BASIC program language, from a command line, or from your own appliation. User-defined hyperlinks let you customize the web pages. A free utility sends programmable email alerts.

Enable the Auto-Ping feature to intelligently reboot a locked-up AP, router, VoIP phone, server, camera. or other device automatically, even during WAN outages.

Key Features

  • Fully supports NTP, syslog, mobile devices
  • Fully programmable using simple BASIC scripts
  • Multiple power-up recovery modes add safety & flexibility: timed, sequential on, all-off, last state
  • Lowest power draw of any competitive product 4 watts
  • Full 15A rating via convenient removable 14AWG power cord, C19/C20 standard


Key Specifications
Device Type Monitored PDU, Metered PDU, Power Monitor, Switched PDU
Electrical Specification
Input Voltage Range 90 - 240 V
Power Input Interface IEC C19
Power Output Interface NEMA 5-15R (3 prong receptable)
Number of Outlets 10
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions (Inches) 13 x 5.8 x 1.6
Weight 3.3 lb
Operating Temperature -30 degF to 170 degF
Relative Humidity 80%, Non-Condensing
Input Cable Type 14 AWG
Input Cable Length 6 ft
Please contact an RFWEL Remote Power Solutions Specialist if you have questions on the specs.

Compare with other Power Monitor & Control

  • LPC2: Remote Web Power Switch
  • LPC9: LPC9 Web Power Pro Switch and Control Unit

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer warranty runs for 1 year from delivery date. Rfwel Engr support handles warranty repairs/replacements for this item.
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Additional Information

Device Type:
Monitored PDU
Device Type:
Metered PDU
Device Type:
Power Monitor
Device Type:
Switched PDU
Min Input Voltage (V):
Max Input Voltage (V):
Power Input Interface:
Weight (Lb):
Min Operating Temp (degF):
Max Operating Temp (degF):
Relative Humidity (%):
Power Output Interface:
NEMA 5-15R (3 prong receptable)
Number of Outlets:
Input Cable Type:
14 AWG
Input Cable Length (ft):
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