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Digital Loggers -48V Web Controlled PDU

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This item is DISCONTINUED/ END-OF-LIFE (EOL). It has been replaced with DC3 (please contact us if this recommended replacement is not quite what you need).

Manufacturer Part Number: 482

Control any number of -48V PDUs from a single script. Access via web browser from anywhere. Up to eight simultaneous IP connections are supported by the internal web server in each relay. Eliminate overloads, brown-outs, blown breakers and other power problems before they occur. Start devices in sequence automatically. Eight individually con- trolled heavy duty T-90 SPDT relays on dual A/B busses give you ! exibility for almost any industrial application.

A BASIC style programming language is available to customize the PDU operation. Scripts can be started remotely, on power-up, or automatically in the event of an AutoPing failure.

Use the ?Auto-Ping? feature to automatically monitor critical network devices, such as telecom equipment, servers and routers. If a device goes down, the power controller will automatically reboot it with no user in- tervention. ?Locked-up? devices are brought back to life instantly. Service calls are eliminated.

Key Features

  • Windows utility provides email notification of logs and events. Also supports UNIX style SYSLOG.
  • Universal rack rails provide center, back, or front mounting.
  • Dual 50Amp A/B input bus rails power four 15Amp ouputs for each bus.
  • All inputs and outputs are protected by telecom quality thermal breakers
  • Control directly via web http requests, simple scripts, internal or external program control

Key Specifications
Color Black
Communication Interface RJ45
Electrical Specification
Input Voltage Range 36 - 75 V
Power Input Interface Terminal Block
Power Output Interface Terminal Block
Output Voltage Range 36 - 75 V
Mechanical Specification
Mounting 1U Rack Mount
Dimensions (Inches) 11 x 17 x 1.75
Weight 9.3 lb
Operating Temperature -40 degF to 170 degF
Please contact an RFWEL Remote Power Solutions Specialist if you have questions on the specs.

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer warranty runs for 1 year from delivery date. Rfwel Engr support handles warranty repairs/replacements for this item.
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Additional Information

Communication Interface:
Min Input Voltage (V):
Max Input Voltage (V):
Power Input Interface:
Terminal Block
1U Rack Mount
Weight (Lb):
Min Operating Temp (degF):
Max Operating Temp (degF):
Power Output Interface:
Terminal Block
Min Output Voltage (V):
Max Output Voltage (V):
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