Multi-Band (LTE/Cellular/PCS/Wi-Fi) 698-960/1710-2500MHz Antenna

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Our PCTEL Maxrad BMLPVDB700/2500 is a multi-band (LTE/Cellular/PCS/Wi-Fi) Low Profile Vertical Antenna that provides superior pattern coverage for mobile and fixed applications. This MLPVDB model provides wideband coverage of frequencies up to 2500MHz, without tuning. Their design provides industry leading wideband performance and reliability with minimum loss.


  • Attractive, low profile design
  • Industry leading wideband performance provides outstanding coverage across multiple frequency bands with no tuning required
  • Excellent pattern coverage for mobile and base station applications


The following mounts are recommended with the MLPV antennas:

Model                                            Options

MLFML195C     High performance permanent 3/4" hole, 1-1/8-18 thread mount.

                          Includes 17ft of Pro-Flex Plus 195 cable. Loose TNC male connector included

GMLFML195C   High performance permanent 3-1/4" diameter magnetic base, 1-1/8-18 thread mount.

                          Includes 12 ft of Pro-Flex Plus 195 cable terminated with TNC male  connector.

MTPM800        5/8" hole, 1-1/8"-18 thread mount for surfaces up to 1/2-inch thick.

                          Terminates in an N, female connector . No cable"

MVPHP          5/8 hole, vandal proof mount cable"

MMF               3/4" hole, 1-1/8' mount for frequencies above 1 GHz . Terminates in an SMA, male connector. No Cable.

BMLPVDB700/2500 Technical Specifications

Frequency Range  698 - 2500 MHz
Gain 4 dBi 
Polarization Vertical
Impedance 50 Ohm
Maximum Power 150 Watts 
Pattern Type Omnidirectional
VSWR < 2:1 
Weight 0.29 lbs 
Dimensions 2.40" H X 1.50" OD 
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