FP-288 DC Power for Streetlight

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The AC to DC OWL provides DC power through a user specified cable and user specified connector for ancillary devices. The input power comes from a standard NEMA Street Light receptacle. Any line voltage up to 480 VAC is converted to user specified DC voltage. Applications Include: • WiFi/WiMax Radios • Surveillance Cameras • Traffic Monitoring • Security Cameras • Other communication and UPS systems

About FP Outdoor Lighting Controls For more than 60 years FP OLC has been the largest global provider of photoelectric roadway lighting controls for the electric power industry. Our auxiliary power devices are universally accepted at conservative electric utilities and are the product of choice for streetlight mounted equipment manufacturers. FP OLC is ready to help you power your future.

Please contact us to help with the purchase for this item for lead time and specs because it is a custom built product. 

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 105 – 480 VAC
Output Voltage 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 48 VDC, or User Specified Voltage
Connector Power Link, Military Specification, Cat 5e, or User Specified
Cable Type/Length                                                                                                     User Specified
Housing UV Stabilized, Impact Resistant, Gray Polycarbonate
ANSI Standard  Conforms to ANSI C136.10 and Proposed ANSI C136.35
Temperature Rating  -40 to +70C


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