Airzone AZZBSLITECB Wired Lite Controller

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Manufacturer Part Number: AZZBSLITECB

The Airzone AZZBSLITECB is a wired thermostat with capacitive buttons for controlling the temperature of the zones in Airzone systems. It is powered by a zone module.

Key Features

  • Supports On/OFF functionality of the zone
  • Features set-point temperature control with accuracy of 1 deg celsius up to a limit of 3 deg celsius
  • Displays room temperature and relative humidity reading

Installation Available

RFWEL Engr provides installation assistance for Non-Wireless Thermostats. Please contact us for an estimate.

Key Specifications
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions (Inches) 3.62 x 3.62 x 0.62
Weight 0.4 lb
Please contact an RFWEL HVAC Controls Tech if you have questions on the specs.

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Manufacturer warranty runs for 1 year from delivery date. Rfwel Engr support handles warranty repairs/replacements for this item.
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