LTE MIMO, WiFi, GPS, Surface Mount Antenna for Fleet Management

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The LTM401 combines four separate antenna elements in one compact antenna radome: two for LTE, one for WiFi, and one for GPS.  This antenna is designed for advanced Fleet Management systems that combine a GPS receiver with an LTE MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) modem and a WiFi non-MIMO modem. 

This 4-element LTM antenna is designed for fleet management systems that combine GPS with a single element WiFi (non-MIMO) modem as well as a 2-element LTE MIMO modem. For systems that require MIMO on the WiFi bands, the 5-cable LTM501 is recommended.

Technical Specifications


Cable 1 & 2 (LTE): 694-960 MHz / 1710-2170 MHz
Cable 3 (WiFi): 2400-2500 MHz/ 4900-6000 MHz
Cable 4 (GPS): 1575.42 +/- 2 MHz


694-960 MHz: 3dBi
1710-2170 MHz: 4dBi
WiFi: 5 dBi
GPS: 26dB, 5dBi

VSWR < 2.0:1 (over entire specified frequency range)
Max Power 10W
Construction ASA UV-Stable Plastic Radome
Operating Temperature -40° to 80 °C
Cable/Connector Cable 1-3: separate RF-195,15 ft, SMA-Male
Cable 4 (GPS): RG-174, 15 ft, SMA-Male
(To mate to different port order port converters separately)

through hole mount: 7/8” (22mm) Dia. Feed through 3/4”(19mm) Long Thread for up to 1/2” (12mm) thick surface. (magnet mount option available for special order)

Schock & Vibration IEEE1478, EN61373, MIL-810G, TIA 329.2-C
Water Ingress Protection IP67
Dimension ø5.5" x 2.38" Height
ø5.5" x 2.78" Height (for magnet mount version)
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