617-5950MHz Multi-Band LTE MIMO and GNSS Antenna

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Manufacturer Part Number: TRP-20INT-3-B

Designed for raised rooftop rib installation - optimizes RF performance by eliminating the shadow interference from the rooftop ribs often experienced with recessed location installations.

Features flexible gasket geometry which adds installation flexibility along the center rib of the vehicle?s rooftop, with improved clearance for mounting hardware.

Requires 1-inch hole and has 3/4-inch long zinc stud mount with jam nut.

Key Parameters
Device Type 4G LTE Antenna, 5G NR Antenna, Vehicle & RV Antenna, CBRS Antenna (3.5 GHz)
Compatible Brands Universal
Antenna Properties Indoor/Outdoor
Electrical Specification
Frequency 617 - 960 MHz 1710 - 2200 MHz 2300 - 2690 MHz 3400 - 3800 MHz 5150 - 5950 MHz
Mechanical Specification
Connector Type SMA-Male SMA-Male SMA-Male
Dimensions (Inches) 4.05 Dia x 3.46 Height
Weight 2.6 lb
Legal, Regulatory & Compliance
Warranty Manufacturer warranty runs for 1 year from delivery date. Rfwel Engr support handles warranty repairs/replacements for this item.
Please contact an RFWEL Indoor Coverage specialist if you have questions on the specs.

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Additional Information

Device Type:
4G LTE Antenna
Device Type:
5G NR Antenna
Device Type:
Vehicle & RV Antenna
Device Type:
CBRS Antenna (3.5 GHz)
Compatible Brand:
Weight (Lb):
Warranty (Months):
Antenna Properties:
Min Frequency (MHz):
Max Frequency (MHz):
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