2.5 - 2.7 GHz LTE 8.5 dBi Omni Antenna



Shown here with optional N-Female Bulkhead and Ceiling/Wall Universal Antenna Mount

The HyperGain® HG2609U is a high performance omnidirectional WiFi antenna designed for the 2.6GHz MMDS band. This compact and lightweight antenna is compatible with IEEE 802.16, 802.20 and WiMAX applications as well as NLOS applications. The HG2609U is ideal for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) offering service in the less crowded 2.6GHz band and is compatible with Navini™ Ripwave®.

Key Features:

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Durable UV-stabilized fiberglass radome
  • Vented end caps and drain holes in the base for all weather operation to prevent moisture build-up inside the antenna which would affect performance.
  • Can be installed in up or down position (e.g ceiling mounted)
  • Includes an integral N-Male connector (no cable) - for low-loss coaxial cable order LMR-400 cable separately
  • 21" in length

DOES NOT include mounting kit or cable. See below for mounting options. To interface different cable types order port converter adapter separately.

Mounting Styles:


8.5dBi Omni Antenna


Compare Mounting Options

Image Description SKU
Black magnet mount with N-female connector Magnet mount base with N-female connector. 2-5/8 inch base diameter HMA3-NFA10
U-Bolt Mounting Kit Stationary U-Bolt mounting kit for mounting on 1.25" to 2" dia poles. Includes U-Bolts, nut & mast clamp. HGX-PMT07
j-pipe antenna mount Antenna J-Pipe with 90 degree swivel mount and 1.5" diameter allows convenient mounting on roofs and walls. Galvanized steel and powder coated paint allows for in-building and outdoor installation. 7.5" x 10" x 15" (requires U-bolt kit HGX-PMT07) JPIPE
j-pipe antenna mount long J-Pipe long 7.5" x 14" x 23" (requires U-bolt kit HGX-PMT07) JPIPE-XL
ceiling/wall universal antenna mount The Ceiling/Wall Universal Antenna Mount can be used with HyperLink's 4.5" sq and 8.5" sq. patch antennas as well as N-Type bulkhead and TNC/BNC bulkhead omni directional antennas and HyperLink's 2.4 GHz Radome Enclosed Yagi antennas. Includes ceiling/wall mounting hardware. HGX-UMOUNT02
N-Female N-Female Bulkhead Connector N-Female/ N-Female Bulkhead connector. Allows you to hook up antenna directly to HGX-UMOUNT02 or some other surface. ADPNFNF_BH

Please contact a wireless support specialist if you are not sure what WiMax antenna will meet your needs or to discuss your application needs.

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