Mitsubishi MCCH1 RedLINK Portable Central Controller

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Manufacturer Part Number: MCCH1

The MCCH1 portable central touchscreen controller is the perfect addition to sprawling multi-zone mini split systems. Up to 16 different mini split indoor units with MHK1 controllers may be operated from a single MCCH1. This controller allows you to activate and deactivate units as well as set their operating mode and temperature and override their scheduled operations.

Key Features

  • This is a portable central controller that monitors and controls Cool, Heat, Auto Operation Modes
  • It allows you to turn ON/OFF and set desired room temperatures
  • Supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius; Temporary schedule override
  • Can be integrated with other RedLINK devices
  • Displays room temperature sensed either at the indoor unit (default) or at the remote controller

Requires MHK1 (MPN: MHK1) (Mitsubishi Electric MHK1 RedLINK - Wireless Thermostat and Receiver Kit) sold separately.

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