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Pulse/Larsen 698-5875 MHz Sharkfin Antenna, SMA (GPSDM700/5800SSS)

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Manufacturer Part Number: GPSDM700/5800SSS

The Pulse/Larsen GPSDM700/5800SSS advanced technology multi-band antenna is ideal for voice, mobile data, Public Safety and Asset Tracking applications. Three cables support the diverse technologies.Additional cable configurations, lengths and connector options available upon request.

Key Parameters
Device Type 4G LTE Antenna, GPS Antenna, Vehicle & RV Antenna, Wi-Fi Antenna, 5G NR Antenna
Color Black
Compatible Brands Universal
Connectivity 4G, 5G
Antenna Properties Omni Antenna, Indoor/Outdoor
Frequency Bands LTE Band 2, LTE Band 4, LTE Band 5, LTE Band 10, LTE Band 12, LTE Band 13, LTE Band 14, LTE Band 17, LTE Band 23, LTE Band 25, LTE Band 26, LTE Band 27, LTE Band 29, LTE Band 30, LTE Band 35, LTE Band 36, LTE Band 37, LTE Band 66, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, LTE Band 252, LTE Band 255, NR n2, LTE Band 46, NR n5, NR n66, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 900 MHz (ISM), LTE Band 7, NR n12, NR n25, LTE Band 41, NR n41, NR n7
Electrical Specification
Frequency 698 - 2700 MHz 2400 - 2485 MHz 5150 - 5875 MHz 1575 - 1576 MHz
Gain 4.5 dBi 6.5 dBi 6.5 dBi
Impedance 50 Ohms
Polarization Vertical + RHCP (for GPS Antenna)
GPS Amplifier Gain 30 dB
Mechanical Specification
Connector Type SMA-Male SMA-Male SMA-Male
Cable Type RG-58 RG-58 RG-174
Cable Length 17 ft 17 ft 17 ft
Mounting Hole Mount (3/4" hole x 1/4" thick)
Dimensions (Inches) 4.26 x 4.26 x 3.5
Weight 1 lb
Weatherproofing IP65
Legal, Regulatory & Compliance
Compliance RoHS
Please contact an RFWEL Indoor Coverage specialist if you have questions on the specs.

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer warranty runs for 1 year from delivery date. Rfwel Engr support handles warranty repairs/replacements for this item.
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Additional Information

Best Seller
Device Type:
4G LTE Antenna
Device Type:
GPS Antenna
Device Type:
Vehicle & RV Antenna
Device Type:
Wi-Fi Antenna
Device Type:
5G NR Antenna
Compatible Brand:
Hole Mount (3/4" hole x 1/4" thick)
Weight (Lb):
Antenna Properties:
Omni Antenna
Antenna Properties:
Min Frequency (MHz):
Max Frequency (MHz):
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 2
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 4
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 5
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 10
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 12
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 13
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 14
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 17
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 23
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 25
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 26
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 27
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 29
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 30
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 35
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 36
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 37
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 66
Frequency Bands:
2.4 GHz
Frequency Bands:
5 GHz
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 252
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 255
Frequency Bands:
NR n2
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 46
Frequency Bands:
NR n5
Frequency Bands:
NR n66
Frequency Bands:
700 MHz
Frequency Bands:
800 MHz
Frequency Bands:
900 MHz
Frequency Bands:
900 MHz (ISM)
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 7
Frequency Bands:
NR n12
Frequency Bands:
NR n25
Frequency Bands:
LTE Band 41
Frequency Bands:
NR n41
Frequency Bands:
NR n7
Gain (dBi):
Impedance (Ohms):
Vertical + RHCP (for GPS Antenna)
GPS Amplifier Gain (dB):
Cable Type:
Cable Length (ft):
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