Netgear LB1111 4G LTE Modem Omni Antenna Kit, 100 ft cable



High gain outdoor antenna kit for Netgear LB1111 4G LTE Modem. This antenna kit provides everything you need to boost one antenna port including all the cables, connectors, pigtail, lightning protection, and jumpers. Order 2 kits to boost both LTE antenna ports if required.

What's Included:

  • Omni antenna (includes mounting kit)
  • Lightning protection device and jumper cable
  • 100 ft low-loss coaxial cable
  • Pigtail to attach the Netgear LB1111 4G LTE Modem to the low loss coaxial cable
  • Connectors/ adapters to allow all components to mate with minimal signal attenuation



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icon_exclamation These antennas are aimed at improving indoor coverage and not intended to extend coverage outside official coverage zones. For help with RF link budget analysis please ask. Remember that too much antenna gain is just as bad as too little. If your outdoor signal is too weak please contact us to discuss other options that may be suitable for you.

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