Mitsubishi Wireless Remote Controller and Receiver Kit MHK1



Mitsubishi's MHK1 wireless remote controller kit is the perfect complement to their mini split systems.This Kit includes:

  • Mitsubishi Wireless Remote Controller model MRCH1
  • Mitsubishi Wireless Receiver model MIFH1
  • Cable Connector model MRC1

The MRCH1 wireless remote controller includes a convenient wall mount, but with RF communication it works through walls so you can control your zone from across your home. Operation mode, temperature, fan speed, and air flow direction are all simple to set thanks to the remote's straightforward push button inputs and a large backlit display that is always easy to read. Robust programmability, learning capabilities, and internet connectivity through a RedLINK gateway round out this advanced mini split control kit.

Product Features

Dual Set Points
Thanks to dual set point functionality, the MHK1 can store a heating and a cooling temperature and switch between them as needed while in auto mode.

Scheduling Options
The MHK1 wireless remote controller kit supports either a 5-2 or a 5-1-1 programmable schedule with four separate temperatures available to each period. This makes it easy to stay comfortable and energy efficient without constantly adjusting your system's settings.

Optimal Start
The optimal start function will measure how long it takes your zone to reach your scheduled temperatures and allow the remote to activate the indoor unit so that your zone is the right temperature at the right time with no waiting.

Mobile Control
With an optional RedLINK internet gateway, a unit connected to an MHK1 kit may be managed remotely on a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet, giving you complete control over your mini split system no matter where you are.


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