JPS ACU-M Interoperability Control Panel




The Raytheon ACU-M provides interoperability between multiple radio systems operating on different frequencies as well as VoIP channels. Designed for speed and simplicity of deployment, the ACU-M is a compact, affordable option for any organization.

Can interconnect radios in any band including HF, VHF, UHF, P25, 800MHz, and Nextel iDEN phones.

Interconnects 4 audio devices, 2 VoIP channels (with Network Option-  TSEN360740: Raytheon JPS Network Option for ACU-M) and the local operator.

120-240 VAC Power Supply and Power Cable for connect to vehicle +12 VDC (cigarette lighter) included.

Top mount display provides a quick indication of current interoperability cross-connections and status of connected devices.

Includes a self-paced training CD and Quick Start Guide.

Can be installed in a vehicle, rack, or carrying case.

Handset, handset cable, and plastic mounting bracket included.



Description ACU-M interoperability control panel. Interconnects radios in HF, VHF, UHF, P25, 800 MHz and Nextel iDEN phones.
RX Audio Input Impedance Balanced & Unbal Hi-Z
RX Audio Input Level -26 dBm to + 12dBm
TX Audio Output Impedance Unbal 600 ohms
TX Audio Output Level -26dBm to +12dBm
Size 3.1"H x 8"D x 11"W
Warranty 18 months


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