Multi-Band 698-960 MHz, 1700-2700 MHz Low Profile Panel Antenna (2x FME-F)

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WMM-7-27 MIMO Low Profile Outdoor antenna is a multiband unity gain antenna that may be used in any cellular 3G or LTE/WiMax 4G band. This may be use for multiantenna MIMO diversity in applications such as 4G WiMax/ LTE or 802.11n WiFi or for antenna diversity in some 802.11g WiFi radios as well as other cellular 3G radios and modems (e.g Cellular embedded modems for M2M applications).

Note however that this is a unity gain antenna (~0dBd or 2.5dBi) and as such should primarily be used where the outdoor signal is strong enough. If your outdoor signal is low consider higher gain Cellular antenna, WiMax antennas or LTE antennas (usually single/narrow band so you would need two antennas).


Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 698-960 MHz, 1710-2700 MHz (LTE Band13, Cellular, PCS, AWS, WiFi, WiMax)


2.5 dBi nominal (unity gain)
VSWR < 2.5:1
Correlation Coefficient article)
Max Input Power 20W
Input impedance(Ω) 50
Operating Temperature -40°F - 180°F
Size(inches) 7.87" x 7.08" (H x W)
Construction White Flame Retardent U.V. Stabilized ABS
Cable/ Connector Two 16FT CS29 Coaxial Cable with two FME-Female Connectors
(to convert to another type use appropriate connector). E.g Use FME-Male/N-Female to mate to N-Male cable or FME-Male/SMA-Male to mate to CPE/Modem with SMA-Female port. For longer runs use LMR-400 cable but consider the effect of long cable runs on signal attenuation!
Mounting Wall mounting or 0.78-1.96" pole mounting brackets provided


Included Components:

  • Wide-band diversity MIMO antenna (two antennas integrated into one radome)
  • Installed 16FT cable with FME-Female Connector
  • Wall/Pole mounting brackets


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