Tropos 4210 Mobile Mesh Router



Tropos 4210 Mobile Mesh Router
The 4210 Mobile Mesh Router interoperates seamlessly with Tropos fi xed routers to deliver a robust, high-performance wireless connectivity solution for mobile workers. At vehicular speeds, the Mobile Router supports voice, video, and data connectivity and extends the Tropos fi xed network to provide access for handhelds, laptops, and other endpoint devices.

Key Software Features

  • Routing algorithms optimized for mobility provide connectivity at vehicular speeds
  • Maximizes performance to automatically find optimum end-to-end paths across the network
  • Graceful handoffs prevent service disruptions to latency-sensitive voice, video, and VPN connections
  • Sub-second handoffs across multiple available wireless channels
  • Creation of standalone mobile networks in areas where coverage is unavailable

Key Platform Features

  • Intelligent 2.4 GHz mobile node supports 802.11b/g mesh and client connectivity
  • Best-in-class link budget for superior RF propagation
  • Vehicle-mounted with integrated high-power radio
  • FIPS 140-2 certifi ed

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