Thermostat Telephone Controller




Totaline/ Venstar Comfort Call Telephone Interface System allows you to call and "talk" to your compatible thermostat. Monitoring and controlling your thermostat is now simple and easy from any phone, from anywhere.


  • 10 minute installation
  • Wireless RF thermostat module Base station
  • No setup / programming necessary
  • Confort call base station does not have to be in same room as thermostat
  • Call to set temperatures from any phone

Comfort Call is a solution for people who do not have the same occupied patterns every day for their homes. It is also a convenient way to call ahead to make sure the primary or vacation home is comfortable upon arrival.

Comfort Call employs the latest in voice recognition and synthesis technology. It can tell you the indoor temperature of your home and the outdoor temperature, provided there is a working outdoor sensor connected to the thermostat. Once on the phone with your system, you may tell your thermostat to change to your preset ‘Comfort Settings’ or go into your preset ‘unoccupied’, Energy Savings Settings. Comfort Call consists of two parts: A base station that connects to the phone line and a RF Wireless Module that plugs into our compatible thermostat. Once Comfort Call answers, the user will be prompted to enter a Security Access Code. This code is preset to 1111.

The user/insaller may change this code to any four digit number, if desired. As an added feature, some of our compatible thermostat models allow for the remote control of an auxiliary output on the thermostat. This auxiliary output may be accessed and controlled from Comfort Call as well. An example of the use of this auxiliary output: The output is connected to a pilot relay to turn on or off the outdoor lighting.

Comfort Call requires an analog telephone line. If this system is installed at a primary residence, then the ring selector on the base station should be set to pick up the line after seven rings. With this setting, Comfort Call will not answer before an occupant is likely to pick up the phone.
If an answering machine or fax machine is connected to Comfort Call, then the answering/fax machine should be set to pick up before Comfort Call (the ring selector is set to seven rings). In the case of a connected answering machine, after the tone to leave a message is heard, the user enters the Comfort Call security code. Comfort Call will release the answering machine from the line and control of the thermostat is now possible.

In the case of a fax machine, after the ‘handshake’ tones are heard, there are moments of silence; during this silent period the Comfort Call security code should be entered. Comfort Call will release the fax machine from the line and control of the thermostat will be possible.

Please note that some phone services provide a ‘voicemail’ answering service. These services release the home phone line after a preset number of rings and transfer the call to an internal voicemail system. Comfort Call is not compatible with this type of voicemail system.

-Compatible with Totaline thermostat models P374-1700, P374-1800, P374-1900, P374-2700, P374-2900.

-Compatible with Venstar thermostat models T1700, T1800, T1900, T2700, T2800, T2900 and T2900SCH.


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