MDS 9810 Spread Spectrum Transceiver



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The MDS 9810 offers a narrow band, frequency hopping, spread spectrum radio giving increased
throughput and long range alternatives to our customers’ point to multipoint needs. Transparent and direct asynchronous protocols offer real-time communication. No extra software or programming is needed to implement communications from standard asynchronous protocols.

The MDS 9810 can be used with a licensed GE MDS radio system or independently. It is field configurable as a master or remote radio. When operating as the master station it controls all network parameters of the remotes; when operating as a remote radio in the network, peer to peer communication is enabled as well. This product is available for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D hazardous locations.*

Why Consider a GE MDS Spread Spectrum Solution?

High system performance and data integrity! Through robust construction, digital signal processing technology (DSP) with self-equalization and forward error correction the 9810 offers up to 19.2 kbps data throughput.

Flexibility and rapid installation! Quick return on investment due to simple installation, license free radio design, as well as the ability to communicate with any asynchronous protocol without extra software or extra programming. A single MDS 9810 can be configured as a repeater.

Full Duplex! The MDS 9810 includes a TDD operating mode that provides Full Duplex operation at a throughput of 9600 bps.

Performance under the most adverse conditions! Exceptional design provides excellent performance in the face of interference or difficult signal paths.

Robust Mode allows users to customize the error vs. throughput performance of the MDS 9810 allowing even better weak signal performance under adverse conditions.

Network Wide Diagnostics! MDS InSite™ Network Management software simplifies tasks and reduces the cost of managing the network infrastructure. Provides a non-intrusive means of maintenance and link monitoring.

The MDS 9810 is the price/performance leader; offering flexibility and reliability for our customers’ Multiple Address Systems needs.


  • Up to 19.2 Kbps data throughput
  • Transparent operation with async protocols
  • Full duplex operation at 9600 bps
  • End-to-end delays of only 7 milliseconds
  • Maximum allowable transmit power - 1 Watt
  •  Forward error correction
  • Software enhanced mode for increased data integrity
  • High performance receiver
  • Sleep mode for solar powered sites
  • Programmable selection of preferred channels
  • Deterministic data response for real-time SCADA control
  • Field configurable as master or remote radio
  • Master radio controls all network parameters of remote radios
  • Peer-to-peer communications
  • Single radio can be used as a repeater


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