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The Outdoor Back-Up Power System is specifically designed to provide both primary as well as uninterrupted, relaible power for critical SCADA, Surveillance, Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point and Mesh networking equipment in harsh environmental applications.

The durable NEMA 3R weatherproof enclosure has ample room for installation of radio gear including proprietary PoE interface equipment and contains environmentally hardened AC-DC power circuitry rated for long life in freezing as well as sun baked environments.

Temperature compensated charge voltage ensures that back up batteries are ready when AC power fails and provides hours of back up for loads up to 100 watts.

Supports Single and Co-Located Networking Sites

  • Auto Ranging Input 85-264 VAC
  • 12VDC, 24VDC or 120VAC Output Options Available (contact us for other options)
  • Zero Transfer Time from AC to Battery Power
  • Special Vent Kit Allows Battery Gas or Moisture to Escape the Enclosure, Preventing Equipment Damage
  • Insulated Battery Compartment Protects Batteries in Harsh Temperatures
  • SCADA Version Provides Space for PLC Gear

All Systems Include

  • BATTERIES INCLUDED Deep Cycle Gel Batteries for Extra Long Battery Life
  • Local and remote status monitoring and reporting
  • Integrated DIN rails provide fast and easy equipment mounting
  • Doublewide Dual Backplane Design Enables Easy Equipment Mounting


Technical Specifications
Product Description  LinkUPS Outdoor UPS for Firetide Radios. Includes NEMA 3R Enclosure 30"H X 24"W X 10.5"D with White Powder Coat Finish & wall mount brackets. Optional Pipe Clamp Kit (SKU TS383755) or Utility Pole Clamp Kit (SKU TWPMK-UNIV).
Capacity (Watts)  Supports up to 2 Firetide IDU or ODU Radios
Input Specs
Input AC Voltage  85-265 Vrms
Input AC Current (note 1) 2.6 Arms (max)
Input Frequency 47-66Hz
Power Factor Correction 0.95
Input DC Voltage 110-370 V
Input DC Current (note 1) 2A
Input Fuse Trip Current 5 A
Output Specs (Battery & Load)
Battery & Load Voltage At 25˚C (note 2) 13.7-13.9 VDC (note 4)
Battery& Load Voltage Over 0 - 60˚C only
(temp. comp range) (note 2)
12.9VDC @ 60C, 14.9 VDC @ 0C
Output Voltage Temperature
Compensation (0 - 60˚C only)
-0.025 V/ oC
No Load Battery Charging Current 10A
Quiescent Battery Current
(LINE-DOWN mode - no load)
Load Current 5A for 50W, 10A for 100W
Output DC Voltage  12VDC
Battery Runtime at 25 Deg (C)  8 Hours @ 100 Watts, 11 Hours @ 50W
Output Switching Noise (note 3) 100 mV peak-to-peak
EMC Emissions
Radiated Noise 30MHz - 1 GHz per FCC Class B
Conducted Noise 150 kHz - 30MHz per FCC Class B
Alarm Contacts
DC Current Rating at 30VDC max 1A
AC Current Rating at 120VAC max 0.3A
Contact Isolation Voltage 500Vrms
Operating Temp (Deg C)  -20 to 24
Operating Humidity 10-95% R.H non-condensing
Efficiency 75%
 Power Interface  Duplex AC Outlet
 Craft Port  Remote Monitoring Terminals
 System Options  Pipe Clamp Kit Optional
 Dimensions (W x H x D")  30H" x 24W" x 10.5D"
 Weight (lbs.)  75lb w/o batteries, 215lb w/ batteries
 Warranty  3 Years


  1. These values apply at minimum input voltage conditions.
  2. The stated voltages refer to system in LINE-UP mode with a full charged battery. If the battery has been recently discharged the system will
    operate in current limited mode until the battery regains full charge. When the battery is less than fully charged, the output voltage will be lower
    than the stated values. In LINE-DOWN mode, the load voltage is roughly equal to the battery voltage. Battery voltage will be a function of state of charge, temperature and overall condition. In both modes of operation the LOAD voltage will be as much as 0.2 Volts (0.4 volts for 24 volt systems) lower than the battery voltage because of the parasitic voltage drop across the output circuit breaker.
  3. The system battery has a significant damping effect on noise; typical output noise will be much lower.
  4. The LinkUPS 120 system uses a 12 VDC battery string voltage. The LinkUPS 24/48PoE system uses a 24VDC battery string bus voltage.

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