50W 48V Outdoor Radio Battery Backup, FlexNet MPS48-7




FlexNet MPS48-7 Outdoor Radio Battery Back Up System, 48V 50W
Alpha's FlexNet MPS48-7 series Outdoor Wi-Fi UPS platform provides primary and standby power for Single Radio 48VDC Wi-Fi routers in outdoor applications. Integrating the wireless radios with MPS48-7 standby battery power allows service providers to extend uninterrupted, reliable data and Wi-Fi broadband service to cities for public safety, municipal service, and city-wide Hot-Zone access.

This unit provides 48VDC power, diagnostics and network management information to the properly pre-paired Wi-Fi router. This power supply is suited for both North America and International Markets in a single unit. All these systems include everything needed for easy installation including batteries, battery heater mat and AC line cord.

Supports Single 48VDC Wireless Radio in Outdoor Applications

  • PoE inteface provides quick and easy intallations
  • Ethernet backhaul access inside enclosure
  • Craft port RS232 interface
  • Keyed battery connection prevents miss wires
  • Weather tight, aluminum construction supports installation in harsh environments
  • Rugged 48VDC 50W wall or pole mount UPS
  • LED local status indicators
  • Temperature compensated battery charging for optimum battery life
  • Optional battery heater provides extended runtimes in cold conditions
  • Local and remote status monitoring and reporting

All Systems Include

  • Local and remote status monitoring and reporting
  • Batteries, Battery Heater Mat, AC Line Cord

Supported Radio Models (Single Radio Sites Only) - use dropdown box below to select

  • MPS48-7-CIS: CISCO Aironet 1500 Series AP
  • MPS48-7-DW: Dragonwave Horizon Compact
  • MPS48-7-AIR: Airstream
  • MPS48-7-RAD: RAD AirMux
  • MPS48-7-NERA: NERA
  • MPS48-7-PRX: Proxim
  • MPS48-7-ARB: Aruba
  • MPS48-7-SNAP: SnapLink

Technical Specifications

Input AC Voltage 90-132V or 180-264V (switch selectable) or 250-305V w/ optional step-down transformer (MPS-SDXB)
Input AC Frequency 47 to 63Hz
Surge Protection ANSI/IEEE Std. C62.41 to Category A, B, or C requirements, using a “Ring Wave” or “Combination” waveform, at a level of 6kV
Max Power/ Capacity 50W continuous
Runtime 18hrs w/ 20W load, 8hrs w/ 40W load @ 77°F (25°C)
Recharge time 13hrs w/ 20W load, 25hrs w/ 40W load @ 77°F (25°C)
Output DC Voltage 42-56V
Output Noise & Ripple Ripple
Transfer Characteristics Uninterrupted upon loss of AC service
Power Interface PoE Output and Terminal Block
Additional Interface Craft Port RS232
Alarms Dry contact, Visual with LED's
Operating Temperature -40° to 55°C (heater mat included)
Battery Type/ Size Four Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), 7.2AH @ 20hr rate to 1.75Vdc
Input impedance(Ω) 50
Enclosure Size (inches) 17.5"x12.75"x5.25" (HxWxD)
Enclosure Type Includes Wall Mounting Tabs. Mount on a 12" or less OD pole using pole mounting kit
Weight 40lbs
Warranty 3 years


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