3600-3800 MHz 26 dBi parabolic grid antenna

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TerraWave’s 3600-3800 MHz 26 dBi parabolic grid antenna is designed for outdoor WiMAX network applications. This antenna features high gain and is ideal for point-to-point communications or as a bridge antenna between two networks.

Frequency Range  3600 MHz - 3800 MHz
Gain(dBi) 26
Max Input Power 100 Watts
VSWR(50 Ohm) ≤1.3:1
Polarization Vertical
Beamwidth (Azimuth/Elevation) 6°/ 9°
Input Impedance(Ω) 50
Front-to-Back Ratio ≥30dB
Size(inches) 23.6" x 38.9"
Cable/ Connector N-Female (no cable), Mast mount included



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