2.5 GHz - 2.7 GHz WiMax Parabolic Dish Antenna




2.5 GHz - 2.7 GHz WiMax Parabolic Dish Antenna offers 23dBi of antenna gain and a very high 31dB or better front-to-back ratio. This combined with the narrow azimuth and elevation (horizontal/vertical) beamwidths of 11 degrees and 14 degrees respectively makes this antenna a good choice for co-location applications (avoids interference with other antennas co-located on the same antenna mast and operating at the same frequency)


Frequency range  2500 MHz - 2700 MHz
Gain(dBi) 23 Info
VSWR(50 Ohm) ≤1.5
Polarization Vertical
Front-to-Back Ratio (dB) ≥31
AZ/EL BW 11o/14o
Maximum Input Power 100W (50dBm)
Input impedance(Ω) 50
Maximum Wind Survivability 130 mph
Size(inches) ø23.6"
Cable/ Connector N-Female
Max Wind Speed 134 mph

- Contact us to discuss your application. Users must keep in mind EIRP limits when using this antenna.


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